Pestforce Latest News: We are SPARTANS


In Ancient Greece the Spartans were considered the strongest and best soldiers of their day.

They trained the hardest and fought the hardest from the day they were born.

Now it might be a bit rich to draw an analogy between our technicians and the Spartans, but I do believe that we are building “modern day” army of Pest Control Spartans that excel in everything that they do.

They train hard to be better than the rest….. to deliver great service to customers.

You see, trust from customers has been destroyed by a few "others” delivering shocking service over the years; poor communication, dishonesty and worse.

Customers are nervous and cynical.

But all is not lost and our band of business “Spartans” are restoring faith through their 5 Star Service and the “stories” shared by our customers…. check out our website 😊.

Our pest control “spartans” come in all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds…. we are open to all as long as you have the drive and commitment to join our army and be the best, and deliver the best.

In fact one of team – Andy Durrance – is a real life Spartan. And Andy has travelled the world doing the events and is currently captaining team UK on some events.

Spartan is an obstacle race named after the famous army and soldiers and you can enter their races all over the UK and beyond.

They are a real challenge whatever distance you choose.

We have all heard Andy’s stories from the events so when Spartan arrived in Henley on Thames (where our Head office is based) we decided to enter a team.

So last weekend we really did become real (ish) Spartans and our team completed a 8km (although they said it was 5km) route with 20 obstacles to get over, through, in, around etc…. mud, water, ropes, walls, things to carry, things to pull…

Andy joined the team at the end of the race and crossed the line with colleague Sean Banks and a team from Head office including Jackie Campbell, Sean Taylor, Tom Taylor and other members of Jackie’s family…..

We were all a bit battered and bruised but it was a great experience for everyone involved and our thanks to Andy Durrance for encouraging us to take part. And congrats to Andy who finished 2nd overall in his age category.

 Who are Pestforce Pest Control...?

Pestforce Pest Control is a growing household name in the UK. We are all about trust and delivering great local service through our local technicians. We have over 12,000 online reviews therefore we have a growing reputation to maintain and protect.