Do you know the difference between your flying pests?

As the days get warmer and the nights get longer you will notice the return of our buzzing friends. Whilst they are usually happy going about their life, many can cause harm and distress to us so it helps to understand their differences. 

Here are the characteristics of our most common species, which ones are bothering you?

Honey Bee
Colour: Amber and black striped body
Hair: Short, furry looking
Size: 2.5cm
Sting: The barb is removed after it stings, which kills the bee
Food: Pollen and nectar from flowers
Lighting: Not attracted to the light
Nesting: Vertically hanging, wax based honeycomb nests
Nature: Gentle

Bumble Bee 
Colour: Yellow and black stripes 
Hair: Long, furry looking
Size: 1.3cm
Sting: The barb retracts, so it can sting again
Food: Pollen and nectar from flowers
Lighting: Not attracted to the light
Nesting: Small nests in soil cavities 
Nature: Gentle

Yellow Jacket Wasp
Colour: Bright yellow and black stripes 
Hair: No hair
Size: 1.3cm
Sting: The barb retracts, so it can sting again
Food: Sugary food/ drinks, over ripe fruit, human food waste 
and other insects
Lighting: Not attracted to the light
Nesting: Horizontally hanging, small paper like nests in protected 
areas such as lofts, soil cavities and eaves
Nature: Aggressive

Colour: Yellow and black stripes 
Hair: Some short hair
Size: 3.5cm
Sting: The barb retracts, so it can sting again
Food: Other insects
Lighting: Attracted to lights at night
Nesting: Very large paper like nests in protected areas such as tree hollows
Nature: Aggressive

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Pestforce welcomes Jack Harris to the team

I am delighted to welcome Jack Harris, Senior Technician at Pestforce Harrow and Uxbridge.

He joins the team following our intensive training programme and can't wait to get stuck in.

Welcome aboard Jack, good luck!

Matt Baldwin opens the new Pestforce Brighton office

The Pestforce team are delighted to announce the establishment of the new Pestforce Brighton service team.

Matt is keen to get stuck in following our extensive training programme! Good luck Matt!

Following a career in the motor vehicle trade, Matt Baldwin chose to join Pestforce. This was after reading an article we placed in the BASC magazine, realising he could turn a keen interest in hunting, shooting and fishing into his own business, made owning a franchise the obvious choice.

Welcome to Mark Robinson

We are delighted to welcome Mark Robinson to the Pestforce network.

Mark and Pestforce are delighted to be opening a new local office to cover the South Warwickshire region incorporating Rugby, Leamington Spa and Stratford on Avon.

Mark was brought up in the countryside and has always had a keen interest in all levels of pest and environmental control. He is now excited to be establishing the new Pestforce local office and can't wait to get out and help the local community to be pest free.

Mark says that he enjoyed the Pestforce induction and training regime although he found it quite intensive and a real challenge. Mark is now eager to put this extensive knowledge into practice.

Good luck Mark!

Pestforce wins PPC Van of the Year 2018

Gary Leek of Pestforce East Yorks, scooped the award for VAN OF THE YEAR 2018 at the BPCA PPC Live Show at Malvern last week.

A statement from the BPCA who led the judging, explained why they have come up with this award.

"We wanted to celebrate the unsung hero of the pest management world - your van. Our panel will be talking through what makes for the perfect work van. They'll be discussing everything from health and safety, pesticide storage, security, fleet technology and company branding."

As you can imagine Gary is extremely pleased with his award and here's what he had to say...

"As you do I asked why pick my van off the car park as there were some smart vans parked out there, there reply was the tidy uncluttered graphics smart and to the point. Plus the number plate, MR05 BUG always catches attention. After the review of the final 4 vehicles, I'm told it was how the van was organised inside with the appropriate health and safety on view and at hand. So I was well chuffed as the van inside was how I finished work before we shot down to Malvern late Tuesday afternoon."

Pestforce East Yorkshire, MR05 BUG and me will be featured in the next PPC magazine now you can’t complain at that type of publicity!

Pestforce - forget rats and mice we now specialise in "Beasts"

When the Beast from the East struck Cardiff and South Wales there was one person who wanted to tackle the problem head on.

Werner is used to tackling pest and critters so the "Beast from the East" was an entirely different proposition although as Werner can tell you he has faced some wild beasts back home in his native South Africa.

When the bad weather struck Werner wasted no time in letting people know that he and his "truck" would be available to transport emergency workers to and from work.

At the last count (which wasn't the last) Werner had transported more than 11 nurses to and from their shifts at Care Homes and Hospitals. Many of these amazing people had been away from their families for 3 days.

 The offer of help from Werner was done without any expectation of payment however many that Werner helped out kindly offered to pay.

ALL MONIES offered by the nurses will be donated to Age Connects Morgannwg.

The weather conditions were pretty appalling and the at one point Werner got stuck and needed a local farmer to pull him out of the "sh@@".

From everyone at Pestforce headoffice we would like to thank Werner for his community spirit and hard work.

And, after all the hard work Werner then penned a little poem.

The Best from the East gave its best,
But it did not expect the Force from the west,
In that stuff whiter than muck,
unfortunately Pestforce One got stuck.

But we had an X-factor,
As we knew a farmer with a blue tractor,
With a pull and a push,
the snow became mush.

We re-arranged our appointments
 to help those in desperate need of ointments.

As the snow carried on falling,
the nurses kept calling.

As we continued to battle the freeze
Fitting in 3 nurses was sometimes a squeeze.
As we delivered, they left donations,
Werner Starbuck transporting nurses to workthat we will give to a cause with joyful celebrations.

It was a great opportunity
To help put our community
For no fortune nor fame
Our business still remains the same

So to you all I ask
To refer us to the task
To a business, family or friend,
As the pests sit in wait 
Just around the bend.

Newly Appointed CEO of the BPCA gets on the tools with Pestforce

Ian Andrew the newly appointed CEO of the BPCA was delighted to spend the day with Gary Leek from Pestforce (East Yorks).

Ian accepted an invitation from Pestforce's Technical Director Phil Shaw's to experience life on the front line. 

Ian commented "I really appreciated spending time with a professional pest controller. It gave a really valuable insight into the work you do and the conditions you do them under. Thanks also to Gary, Phil and Pestforce for helping to make in happen. Much appreciated."

Picture - Ian Andrew next to Gary's pride and joy.

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