Pestforce Latest News: Spider Misery of Tenant Resolved Through Heat Treatment

Spider Misery of Tenant Resolved Through Heat Treatment

Imagine being eaten alive by spiders....!!

It was an extreme case, but Russell had been living with a Spider nightmare for nearly 2 years. 

His mental wellbeing, along with his body were in tatters............ and the cause...?

False Widow Spiders....!!

Russell's case was so severe he had resorted to either living with friends and family or camping in his garden, and despite repeated attempts to resolve the issue, Russell just couldn't find peace.

And when he couldn't get any further with support from his landlord he was left with the realisation that he may have to give up his home.

However, last week Pestforce and our partner Thermokil carried out a full Heat Treatment of Russell's flat - Free of Charge - so that Russell could finally find peace at home.

Check out this video to see the full story and hear from Russell himself....

So how did Pestforce get involved...?

The story was picked up in the local media channels and Carl Nickson the local representative for Pestforce ( was called by the BBC for some expert opinion and advice. 

Carl then turned to request help from Phil Shaw, Technical Director for Pestforce.

Phil appeared on BBC South and Radio Kent sharing his knowledge of the spiders with listeners. Phil also had the opportunity to hear directly from Russell in terms of the nightmare he had endured.

That interaction and discussions sparked an idea.....!!

So why did Pestforce get involved..?

Following this initial interaction with the BBC the team at Pestforce decide that they needed to take action following one of their core values.... to Help Others Not as Fortunate as Ourselves.

This normally manifests with donations to charity which over the years has included Help for Heroes, Cancer Research and Rain Forest Concern.... with sponsored runs, swims, fishing, general donations etc..

With some of the normal options limited for the last few years the management team decided that they could help find the right outcome.

So by sharing the financial burden with Thermokil and also using the job as a learning exercise for 2 locally based technicians Pestforce made an offer to Russell.

Pestforce MD, Sean Taylor, said, "it is a nice feeling to be able to help Russell and, in addition, provides a great feel good feeling in our business and the wider public. I'd say that is a great investment for the right reasons, and we will consider offering this type of thing in the future. To be honest I would rather invest in these initiatives, helping others and get some good PR than invest in some corporate advertising initiative. And we will probably get a better return."

What is Heat Treatment...?

As you would expect from the name.... it is the use of heat to remove all life cycle stages of a pest. Heat treatment is used for most insect species and can be done without the use of harsh chemicals.

The service uses special heating devices that have to raise the temperature in treated area to a certain level and maintain it for a period of time.

There can be a fair bit of preparation required for the treatment to make sure it is safe and effective. And, there can be some cases where a limited amount of chemical is used to be especially diligent. 

Who are Pestforce Pest Control...?

Pestforce Pest Control is a growing household name in the UK. We are all about trust and delivering great local service through our local technicians. We have over 12,000 online reviews therefore we have a growing reputation to maintain and protect.

Who are Thermokil...?

Thermokil are an independent contractor. Pestforce and Thermokil work closely on specialist jobs where heat treatment is required to solve an infestation.
We would like to express our thanks for Ryan Overton the MD of Thermokil for his support on this initiative.