Pestforce Latest News: Heat Treatment For Moths Saves the Day for Customer

Heat Treatment For Moths Saves the Day for Customer

The other week a customer called Pestforce having discovered their newly purchased new home was infested with clothes moths.

The customer was distraught on discovering the issue knowing that they were due to move in the following week and she didn't want an issues once they had moved in.

Following a survey by our local Pestforce business owner, Ash Bintcliffe, the customer was provided with a couple of different solutions including a fully non toxic treatment.

After some discussion the customer opted for the best option - a full heat treatment of the property - so that she had complete peace of mind.

Ash and his team worked very quickly to meet the short deadline and the customer was delighted that her clothes would not be spoiled by moths once they had moved in.

Heat treatment of insects is becoming much more common as it generally uses no chemicals and, once completed, the property is ready to be used immediately.

If you are looking for the best solution and no use of chemicals then this could be the answer. The costs are higher than tradition methods using insecticides but arguably better results and less risk from the use of insecticides.

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