Pestforce Latest News: Anyone Fancy Toading?

Anyone Fancy Toading?

Pestforce Helps Outs Henley Toad Patrol

Toading with the local Toad Patrol might sounds strange but it is a very real thing. Every year, for a period of time around February and March, there is a massive migration of amphibians - toads, frogs and newts - back to the place where they were born.

And when we say massive the numbers on the move can get close to 10,000 amphibians!!!

Toads are the main species but there are a fair number of frogs and a few hundred newts.

So what does Toad Patrol do....?

Toad Patrol is a growing band of local volunteers who patrol a stretch of road just outside Henley on Thames every evening during the migration.

Unfortunately between the habitat where the amphibians live and the breeding pond is a busy road which over the years has seen many casualties of returning amphibians.

The Toad Patrol volunteers "guard" a barrier which is deigned to stop the amphibians crossing the road at will and instead allow then to be lifted by the volunteers and carried over the road.

There was a tunnel dug under the road a few years back but for some reason the amphibians don't seem keen on using it.

There are some escapees who make it through the barrier each evening and again the Toad Patrollers scoop them up as they try and avoid the cars.

For those of a certain age there are times when it looks like a game of "Frogger".

At Pestforce we applaud the work of the volunteers and everyone who has provided support to make their task easier.

More help and support is always welcome and from experience it is quite a fascinating sight to see the amphibians in motion.

A word of caution - no children are allowed to attend Toad Patrol.

You can check out more information on the Henley Toad Patrol Twitter page @henleytoads