Pestforce Latest News: Pestforce - forget rats and mice we now specialise in "Beasts"

Pestforce - forget rats and mice we now specialise in "Beasts"

When the Beast from the East struck Cardiff and South Wales there was one person who wanted to tackle the problem head on.

Werner is used to tackling pest and critters so the "Beast from the East" was an entirely different proposition although as Werner can tell you he has faced some wild beasts back home in his native South Africa.

When the bad weather struck Werner wasted no time in letting people know that he and his "truck" would be available to transport emergency workers to and from work.

At the last count (which wasn't the last) Werner had transported more than 11 nurses to and from their shifts at Care Homes and Hospitals. Many of these amazing people had been away from their families for 3 days.

 The offer of help from Werner was done without any expectation of payment however many that Werner helped out kindly offered to pay.

ALL MONIES offered by the nurses will be donated to Age Connects Morgannwg.

The weather conditions were pretty appalling and the at one point Werner got stuck and needed a local farmer to pull him out of the "sh@@".

From everyone at Pestforce headoffice we would like to thank Werner for his community spirit and hard work.

And, after all the hard work Werner then penned a little poem.

The Best from the East gave its best,
But it did not expect the Force from the west,
In that stuff whiter than muck,
unfortunately Pestforce One got stuck.

But we had an X-factor,
As we knew a farmer with a blue tractor,
With a pull and a push,
the snow became mush.

We re-arranged our appointments
 to help those in desperate need of ointments.

As the snow carried on falling,
the nurses kept calling.

As we continued to battle the freeze
Fitting in 3 nurses was sometimes a squeeze.
As we delivered, they left donations,
Werner Starbuck transporting nurses to workthat we will give to a cause with joyful celebrations.

It was a great opportunity
To help put our community
For no fortune nor fame
Our business still remains the same

So to you all I ask
To refer us to the task
To a business, family or friend,
As the pests sit in wait 
Just around the bend.