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Werner the Poet...

Werner the Poet

Werner actually joined in late July and he has hit the ground running. He is also involved in the local business community and is a supporter of the Safe Foundation. He has also made a bit of impact at his local BNI group by introducing his business with a Poem.

Visit his site at

And, here is the poem...

There once was a pest
Who simply would not give it a rest,
Tried as they might
Every Pest controller gave up a fight

Then came along the man from Pestforce
Who knew exactly what method to source
He had a good look around
And you will never guess what he found

He analysed a dropping
And it sent his eyes popping
It is not a mouse in your house
It is in fact a Bat; i'm not permitted to deal with that.

He picked up his phone
And waited for the ring tone
He called bat conversation
To deal with the situation

So low and behold
The story was told
Of a man who works in a gruesome industry
Yet always does his work very ethically!!