Pestforce Latest News: "They can get into my house from where!?!"

"They can get into my house from where!?!"

Pests are persistent, unpleasant and infuriating guests in our lives that we would much rather do without. Mice, moles, wasps, bees, they all have unique methods of intruding our properties and claiming it as theirs.

However, it is us as homeowners which allow these criminal critters to access our homes and gardens; as simple as leaving a window open can invite wasps, an exposed chimney invites pigeons and holes in walls can allow for mice to enter. Although, it may come as a surprise that one of the most creative methods of entering a house, used in extremely rare circumstances, is utilised by the rat!
Rats can enter our homes by climbing up the toilet!

We’re afraid the rumours are true… Due to the infrastructure of our sewage pipes, the anatomy of the rat itself combined with the outstanding swimming abilities that rats are capable of. They can easily navigate their ways to our bathrooms by the most fear-inducing method. See the video below from National Geographic to understand how exactly rats are capable of this.

Rats have become a prominent character in today’s pest control world and the vast majority of homeowners shudder to the thought of the rodent invaders, which is a credit to the adventurous characteristics of the rat.