Pestforce Latest News: Britain: an Invasion of Wasps and Ants - Written by Pestforce North London

Britain: an Invasion of Wasps and Ants - Written by Pestforce North London

The month of August is here, and so are the troublesome wasp invasions. They are not alone either; a sharp in crease in Pharaoh ants is expected in Britain this summer. If you require an immediate Pest Control Service in North London, call Pestforce on 0775 172 8221!

The Wasp Season has Arrived

The wasp season has arrived and pest control companies across the country are on alert for a deluge of calls from residents and businesses alike to report nests. A mild spring has followed a cold winter, providing the ideal conditions for a surge in the wasp population this year. Mild winters provoke queens to come out of hibernation early and feed on their food stores or to emerge too soon into cold temperatures, leading to low survival rates and fewer nests being built. Queens hibernate more deeply over a cold winter, emerging into warmer climates to be able to thrive with new colonies.

2013 was noted for a low number of wasps, but was followed by 2014 which saw an astounding 87% rise in the numbers; a trend that is set to continue this year. Pest control companies are urging people to take especial care, as wasps could be even more aggressive than usual this year due to their high numbers. The earlier a nest is reported, the less risk it poses and the easier it is to treat.

An Army of Ants

Another insect presence this year will be armies of pharaoh ants. Coming from the tropics originally, they are now resident to the UK as well as many other countries throughout the world due to international trade. However, the cooler climes of outside living in the UK does not suit the tropical pharaoh ant, resulting in them setting up camp in homes. Enjoying damp areas and moisture, they are often found in kitchen and bathroom first, soon spreading to other rooms in the house.

Although they are not known for their bites, pharaoh ants are known to be a highly unsanitary creature, contaminating food with potentially dangerous diseases such as dysentery and typhoid, or at the very least food poisoning. Extremely tenacious in nature, pharaoh ants will easily eat their way through food packaging, meaning the risk of contamination is high.

Different to other species, pharaoh ant nests are home to several queens, which periodically split off from the nest with some selected workers and create a new nest in another part of the home. Treating ant nests with super market bought products is not advised by pest controllers, as these will merely aggravate the nest and the ants, thinking they are under attack, will divide up to build multiple new nests and colonies. Infestations of pharaoh ants happen quickly and easily, and the longer they are left, the longer they will take to combat.

Top Tips to Avoid an Invasion


  • food attracts wasps so should be disposed of straight away and bin lids should be kept tightly secure
  • carry out general house maintenance regularly, blocking up any holes outside that wasps could use as entry points
  • an easy entry point for wasps is airbricks. These can be covered with mesh covers that are readily available on the high street

** Attempting to destroy a wasp nest yourself is highly dangerous as they will swarm in high numbers if their nest is threatened. Don’t take the risk; call in the professionals.**


  • wipe down thoroughly after preparing food as ants will find the smallest of crumbs
  • empty inside bins on a daily basis to avoid food being left overnight to attract ants
  • all food should be kept in airtight containers where possible, as pharaoh ants can eat through packing

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