Pestforce Latest News: KEEP THEM OUT


Cure & Prevention. The key to good pest control is seeking the SOURCE of the infestation. Just setting traps or using other forms of extermination may not get rid of the infestation. Pestforce technicians are highly trained professionals with years of experience in the pest control industry and consider themselves pest detectives; picking up clues and working back to the source so they can eradicate the infestation quickly.

This year we are already experiencing high levels of rodent activity across the UK and the key to pest control - commercially or domestically - is to stop them getting into your property in the first place. Sealing  a hole is maybe all it takes to start getting on top of a problem initially. Filling the really small holes is key, did you know mice can get through a hole the width of a pencil. There are lots of pest control products that you can buy over the counter. We know they exist and we know people use them to poor effect; it is not unusual for us to see the poor results, leading to a very distressed call to us. Save, time, stress and money - call our a professional.