Pestforce Latest News: Rat prevention – how to stop rats taking over your home!

Rat prevention – how to stop rats taking over your home!

The population of rats rises in the summer months due to the increasing amount of food readily available to them such as fruits, nuts and grains.  Once autumn and winter arrives the food dwindles and the temperature drops so rats begin to look for shelter and alternative food supplies.  More often than not they find both by joining us in our homes, offices, factories and shops.

The best method of controlling rats is preventing them in the first place.  Here are some simple tips to help you…

Don’t invite the rat in...

Take a look around the foundations of your home and buildings. If a pencil fits under a door then there’s a good chance a rat can as they are able to flatten their ribcage to fit through gaps – if their head can fit through, their body can follow; use a draft excluder on doors to prevent this.  Fill in areas around pipes and plumbing with steel wool and caulking.

Rats are excellent climbers and are able to walk along the branches of trees and drop down onto the roof of a house.  From here they rarely have difficulty getting into the roof via gaps around the eaves.  Trim overhanging trees away from the roof and cut climbing plants to at least a foot below the eaves.

Do not feed the rat…

Rats are usually more active at night but hunger can drive them out during the day so keep windows and doors shut.  Make sure cereals, flour, rice and other food stuffs are in sealed containers (pictured right: rats had broken into this healthy snack).  Check for food that may have accumulated behind kitchen appliances and furniture.

Don’t let rubbish accumulate on your property, this provides shelter and accommodation. Store rubbish in bins and remove on a regular basis. Also keep grass and weeds mowed.

Make your property and yard less inviting to rats, and they won't make themselves at home in your home.

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